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We Are Accepting New Enrollments

Baby Playing with Abacus


Enrollment to Friends and Family Daycare is open to all children aged six weeks to 6 years old, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, political persuasion, national origin, handicap, ancestry, or sexual orientation.

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  • How do I enroll my child to Friends and Family Daycare?
    You can send an email requesting information on enrollment or call us at 734-845-9212 during business hours.
  • Can my child bring his/her favorite blanket or toy to the daycare?
    Yes, your child can bring their favorite blanket to the daycare, however we advise that their favorite toy should be left at home to prevent damage or loss of the item.
  • Will my child be learning and be prepared for Kindergarten?
    Yes! The activities and lesson plans are designed to help develope language, mathmatics, small and large motor skills, creativity, art, physical activity, problem solving, emotional skills, and more. All of these skills will help guide the children to excel in kindergarten.
  • Due to Covid-19, how and what are you doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19?"
    Our staff is taking extra precautions to provide a safe environment for the children such as; daily wiping off heavy traffic areas​​​​ which include bathrooms, kitchen, nap room, entrance, and play area, daily disinfecting toys, employee and children temperature checks, monitoring for any sickness, and more...
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