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Fun & Creativity

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Art provides children a way to develop their own creativity, sharpen fine motor skills, and build confidence while meeting new friends. We’ll look for inspiration throughout the seasons, holidays, and a lot of nature.

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We have a variety of musical instruments designed to emphasize overall child development. Here, we encourage the children to express themselves through music.

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There are studies that show increasing physical activity during the school day may boost students’ interest, motivation, reading fluency, and mathematics skills. So, we encourage the children to continue moving and exploring their abilities.

ABC Cubes


By attending Friends and Family Daycare your child will practice understanding meanings, sharing feelings and needs, connecting with others, processing new information, and solving problems. They'll also participate in word cards and other vocabulary practice throughout the day.

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We provide several toys and tools so the children can sort, count, match, and create patterns. A few examples include; sorting trays/boards, puzzles, linking cubes, and more.

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Outside Play

Outdoor play for children encourages movement and gross motor learning. Children learn by exploration, so our outdoor spaces provide a variety of safe yet difficult tasks such as climbing, twisting, sharing, and more.

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