Happy Family-Testimonial

Updated: Aug 26

Logan’s Preschool and Emmy’s Pre-Preschool has been AMAZING!

Logan is fully prepared for kindergarten starting in the fall. Logan is starting to identify and read words, she has some of the best penmanship for a little 5 year old, is learning so much independence, and her vocabulary is expanding soooo much. She is writing her full name, (her sister) Emersyn’s name, and both Cory (Dad’s) and Sam (Mom’s) by memory.

Emersyn is flourishing as well! She knows so many nursery rhymes, her colors, her shapes, and animals. She is able to identify numbers. She is able to fully trace her name and starting to write it.

I am beyond thankful for finding this daycare and Tracy Wilson Pilbeam when she was just an in home daycare.

We took a leap and fully trusted her and her family with our babies. And now, 2 years and a big daycare center later they are now apart of our family.

We have made so many friendships in this place, and I am so thankful for the teachers and the little friends that Emersyn and Logan have gained.

Tracy and Mark Pilbeam you guys are absolutely amazing. We love you guys.

If I could give you a million stars and recommend your daycare to everyone I would

But seriously if anyone is looking for a place that is more than just someone to watch your kids, more than just a daycare, check them out. They will 1000% exceed every expectation.

Sam Smith

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